Helping Businesses in Malaysia to Improve Cash Flow During COVID-19 Pandemic

Kita Support is an initiative by Beyond Better Group to help businesses collect payment before delivering the product or services through an online gift card selling system.

Gift Cards is the best way to improve sales, profits and cash flow during COVID-19 Pandemic

Payment Instantly
Safe & Secure
SSL Certified System
Fully Automated Gift
Card Delivery via Email
Easily Scan QR Code
to Redeem Gift Card

How It Works

(Customer View)

It's easy for customer to buy your gift card.


Customers will visit a branded website to select a gift card of their choice.

Make Payment

Customers will then be brought to your payment page to make payment

Receive Gift Card

A digital gift card with QR code will then be emailed to them or their loved ones.

How It Works

(Merchant View)

It's even easier for you to manage those gift cards.


Scan the QR code or type out the gift card number to redeem the gift card.

Multiple Gift Card

If customer have multiple gift card, continue scanning to redeem the remaining.

Void Gift Card

You can also void gift card to revoke the remaining value from customer use.

Important Note

In order to accept credit / debit card online you will need a payment gateway. If you don't have one we can guide you to set up a new payment gateway.

Pricing Plans

Sign Up Now to Enjoy RM99/Month & 0% Transaction Fee Even After 15 June 2020

(You won't be charged yet)

Sign Up Before 15 June


Cancel Anytime

0% Transaction Fee

Sign Up After 15 June


Cancel Anytime

10% Transaction Fee

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Are gift cards secured?

> Every gift cards uses a unique, random 8-character alphanumeric string as the gift cards number. Beside that, the gift cards number also includes the order number as a suffix to provide an additional check on your gift cards numbers.

What device can I use to redeem the gift card?

> You can use any device that have a browser this includes your POS system, food delivery tablet, your laptop or your mobile device.

How soon can I use the gift card system after sign up?

> As we require a maximum of 7 days to set up your dedicated gift card system. You will be able to use it after we complete the set up process.

How can I prevent the gift cards from being used twice?

> Our gift cards come with a unique and random numbers, so it can’t be forged or reproduced. Once you scan the QR code our system will automatically recognize the random numbers and mark the gift card as "Redeemed".

What do you need from my company to get started?

> To begin we only need your company name, email address, company address, company registration number as well as payment gateway details.

How do customer pay?

> Customer will directly pay you therefore you will receive the payment instantly.

I do not have a payment gateway

> If your company have a credit card machine you can sometimes request your bank to enable online payment collection. However if you don't have a credit card machine we can guide you on how to set up a payment gateway.

Can customers top up the gift card?

> Unfortunately customer cannot top up the gift card but they can purchase more than 1 gift card if you allow that.

Can I set an expiry date for the gift card?

> Yes, you can set an expiry date for the gift card.

Can I list terms and conditions for the gift card?

> Yes, you can list terms and conditions for the gift card.

Can customer redeem gift card on my online store?

> At the moment customer can only redeem the gift card in your store.

Can I charge SST on the gift card?

> Yes, you can charge SST on the gift card.

How does it work if I have multiple branch?

> You will be able to redeem gift cards from all of your branch as long as your branch have the required device to scan the QR code on the gift cards.

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